Thursday, October 4, 2018

Facebook corporate

For most companies, it is no longer just a "good idea" to be on Facebook. If we take into account that 1.65 billion people actively use Facebook monthly, this social network has become a favorite component for almost all inbound marketing strategies.

The fact is that as Facebook's features change more and more, the same goes for the process of creating a page.

Do not waste another day exploring Facebook without any purpose, trying to find out what the hell you have to do to start your Facebook page as a social media professional.

The following presentation offers a visual tutorial that will help you start your page in a very short time. More than 600,000 people consider that this tutorial has been useful; therefore, we hope that it will help you or that it will also be useful for a marketing professional you know.

Why create a corporate page on Facebook

The corporate pages of Facebook are designed and designed to express what your brand wants to communicate to the world, as well as to receive feedback from users.

Depending on the purpose of our business, it will be very important to choose one of the six typologies that Facebook offers, or another, because each of them has different functions. These are:

  1. Local place or business
  2. Brand or product
  3. Company, organization, institution
  4. Artist, group or public figure
  5. Cause or community
  6. Entertainment

The corporate pages or 'fanpages' will let us share photos, news, videos, notes, links, respond to the comments generated, create specific applications such as sweepstakes or promotions and also measure the activity in real time that is being generated from our contents .

Why should my brand be on Facebook?

There are many reasons why your business should be on Facebook (immediacy, minimum cost ...). Let's detail something of them:

  • Create brand: Know you, but not only your circles, but your target audience. You will achieve this through Facebook Ads, with an advertising investment. In addition Facebook positions very well in search engines and we will get part of the public to reach us in this way.
  • Link: We want to talk with our audience, know their needs, their tastes. For that Facebook is the best tool. Create a link with the user different from that of the corporate website.
  • Share: Facebook allows virality, word of mouth. The more you like your content, the more it will be shared and seen by more people. We can also promote the publications and choose the public we want to contact.
  • Sell: Little by little, Facebook is integrating its ecommerce part better. Applications are being developed to use on Facebook and to use it as a sales platform.
  • Other platforms: Facebook allows us to integrate other social platforms and make the publishable content more attractive.
  • Analysis: Thanks to Facebook statistics we can check the scope of our publications (whether promoted or not) and also know the demographic profile of our followers to develop more appropriate content.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Cool mobile gadgets

1. NFC smart ring (No need to charge)

It is a magic ring that uses NFC technology to communicate with your mobile phone and thus perform tasks such as blocking apps, playing music, sharing links, text or files on the Internet.

2. Google Cardboard

Experience virtual reality in a simple, fun and economical way. This Gadgets only costs 15USD since it is made of cardboard only for you to love it and enjoy the virtual reality just by putting the phone, download the google application and search 360 videos on YouTube or VR games on Google play.

3. Aduro – wireless Bluetooth speaker

It is a fascinating Bluetooth speaker to connect it wirelessly with your Android device. But unlike this speaker is that you can enjoy an extravagant light show as it incorporates LED lights that light up with the rhythm of the music. It also incorporates a microphone so you can answer your calls through the speaker.

4. Innoo Tech 10000mAh Portable Solar Charger

It is a solar charger with 2 USB ports to charge two devices at once, waterproof, resistant to dust, shock and has LED Flashlight. Everything counts is ideal to go camping or take it when you want to take an extreme walk.

5. SanDisk 32GB Wireless Flash Drive

Connect this pendrive to your Android phone wirelessly and access the photos and multimedia files on your phone. This is one of the most amazing Gadgets that works with any Android or PC mobile. This way you do not have to be connecting and ejecting the MicroSD every time you want to copy information or files.

6. Sphero 2.0: The Robotic Ball

This a gadget to have fun: Robot, intelligent toy, game system. It is a sphere that has an app to do everything: play, learn, explore with your pet, friends or family.

7. Moto 360 - Smart watch for Android

Considered the best Smart Watch for Android and iPhone where you can receive all notifications from your smartphone and control a large number of applications such as music, text messages, answering calls, taking pictures and much more.

8. iKey Smart Key Quick Button

Press the button and open any application on the lock screen quickly. This Quick Button can be customized to, for example, unlock the phone, turn on the flashlight, take a picture / video, capture a screen or start a voice recording. Compatible with Android version superior to Android 4.0.

9. Xiaomi Bluetooth Gamepad

Excellent command for games on android devices that connects via bluetooth 3.0. It works perfectly with any mobile and tablet or even PC windows and Mac. In this way you can enjoy hours and hours with the best android games without having to touch the screen and make pulsations that sometimes are a bit cumbersome.

10. Xiaomi Mi Band smart bracelet

Cerramos este top con esta pulsera que tiene un monitor del ritmo cardíaco, pasómetro, rastreador de ejercicios, registro de sueño, estado de ánimo y Mensaje recordatorio. Es un Gadget de salud que tiene la función de registro de la fecha deporte en todos los días, monitoreo de la calidad del sueño, despertador inteligente. Puede ver la actividad física en tiempo real a través de las aplicaciones móviles, monitorizar el efecto de caminar y correr.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Google engineers have salaries so high that they end up resigning

Being working in Silicon Valley, and much more if we focus on the Google company, it seems that it guarantees a good salary every month in our pocket. Not only is it a reasonable salary but salary unattainable in most of the jobs we know. The funny thing is that it is not only programmers but, for example, experts in autonomous cars. At Google these positions are very well considered and their workers have salaries so high that ... they end up leaving the company.

Too rich to work?

Why? One might ask, why work for others - in this case Google - if I can finance my own company? This is the reason why so many key positions of the company are leaving the company: to form their own. The best employees are gradually and incessantly leaving the company to start their own personal projects or even retire. Your savings allow it.

The birthplace of the largest technology companies in the world, Silicon Valley, where companies such as Apple, Microsoft or Intel were born is the germ of a dangerous dynamic that is threatening Google's projects. It is precisely this reason why Google's automated vehicles have not advanced as much as they should and seems to have an indefinite delay.

Should Google rethink the salary of its employees?

The truth is that they are losing great talent too often but if they reduced salaries the competition is likely to take advantage of this factor to get their workers and develop autonomous cars. The decision is not simple.

Why do they earn so much on Google?

The company established in 2010 a new payment system for the autonomous vehicles department. Thus, apart from the base salary of the members of the project, they have been obtaining bonuses or incentives that have been growing up to millionaire amounts. Sufficient money to make the decision to 'run away' from the company and retire to enjoy a well-deserved vacation or start your own business. And is that the pace of economic development in Silicon Valley has caused, for a while now, that companies compete with each other to attract talent, which has only made the salaries shoot.

Friday, August 10, 2018

How to choose the best mortgage in the United States?

Probably, the biggest purchase you make in your life will be that of a house. And choosing the best type of mortgage is one of the most important decisions you will make during the purchase process. With so many different options in the market, it can be difficult to find a reasonable mortgage that fits your financial goals.

Then, two essential decisions you will have to make when choosing a loan.

Type of mortgage: Conventional or supported by the Government

In the United States, there are two types of mortgages: conventional loans guaranteed by a private lender or banking institution and loans backed by the government.

Most of the loans backed by the government come in three forms:

-The loans of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA loans) were established to make mortgages more reasonable, especially for buyers who purchase their first home. They allow initial payments as low as 3.5% of the sales price.

-The VA loans, which are guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, are designed to benefit current military service members, veterans and some surviving spouses. They offer competitive mortgage rates and in many cases are available without down payment.

-The Rural Housing Loans are supported by the Department of Agriculture and are intended for buyers who are residents of rural areas and who meet certain income requirements.

These three programs have low initial payment requirements, and it is easier to qualify for a government-backed mortgage than a conventional loan.

On the other hand, there are private entities such as banks, credit associations, private lenders or savings institutions that offer and support conventional loans. The person who needs the loan, or the borrower, would need to have a good credit history to qualify. This is because the loans are not guaranteed by an external source - so the possibility of default by the borrower represents a greater risk for the lenders.

Conventional loans have terms of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years. They also require larger initial payments than those of government-backed loans. Borrowers are expected to pay at least 5%, but this amount may vary based on the lender and the credit history of the borrower.

If you do not have money saved for the down payment but have a solid credit and stable income, a government-backed loan may be the best option for you. Remember that if you choose a conventional loan or one backed by the government, and pay less than 20% of the initial payment, you will also have to pay mortgage insurance.

Interest rate: Fixed or adjustable

Once you choose your loan, you will decide if you want a fixed or adjustable interest rate. Your choice determines the interest you will be charged.

The fixed interest rate on a loan never changes. If you expect to stay in your job at present, have a family that is growing and is willing to take root in a site, a fixed rate loan of 15 to 30 years may be your best option. With this option you will always know what the monthly payment amount of your mortgage is.

It is worth noting that other charges may be added to your monthly mortgage, such as annual property taxes or owner association fees. This, over time, can change the amount of these payments.

Loans with adjustable rates (or ARM mortgages) have interest rates that are readjusted at specific intervals. Typically, these start with lower interest rates than those with fixed rate loans. However, that initial rate only lasts a set period. After the initial term ends, the interest rate - and your monthly payment - rises or falls annually based on the interest rate index.

Often these are more attractive to younger and more mobile buyers who plan to stay in their homes for a few years or refinance when the initial rate is about to expire. Paying lower interest rates in those early years can save you hundreds of dollars each month that can be used for other needs.


All of these options may seem overwhelming at first. But remember that the type of loan you will end up receiving will depend greatly on your credit history, income and overall financial objectives. Before you start looking for a mortgage, fully evaluate your finances and try to improve your credit history as much as possible.

If you need help, contact a lender or mortgage broker in your area to help you make calculations and explore your options.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

You can live in an exclusive eco capsule now

Living in a micro-house was never so exclusive, especially when it comes to leaving the campaign house for something more sophisticated, like an eco-capsule.

At the end of 2017, the company Nice Arquitects will produce only 50 models for the first generation of these. Which means that only a few of the lucky ones will have the possibility to enjoy their next adventure outdoors in it.

Each unit is designed with a spherical shape and can be transported around the world by air, towed or even pulled by an animal. It has the ideal measures to enter a standard shipping container around the world, measures 120 square feet and adapts to any climate.

Inside it is completely self-sufficient with services such as electricity, water and air turbine. It has solar cells and a wind turbine, which allows to conserve energy from solar or air activity and thus have a reserve to use it for the rest of the day. To collect water they created a system that filters and sprays the liquid, so they will have water to drink and hot water to bathe.

What is the price of this house with a "bubble" shape? Only 79,900 euros and you must leave a deposit of 2,000 euros to start manufacturing. The company revealed that they will soon create more - the estimated date is 2018 - but as long as there is a pre-order. As they say the price of technology will go down and may have a more affordable cost. So if you want to get an ecocapsule of the first generation to start traveling, then enter

Monday, July 16, 2018

Why does Facebook want to recognize our faces?

June 18, 2012. Facebook acquires a company located in Tel Aviv, called, which had developed a facial recognition platform to identify images on the web and mobile applications. The Israeli company was able to label, before being acquired by the Social Network of Zuckerberg, more than 18,000 million faces.

Almost at the same time as, Facebook buys FacioMetrics, which developed a system that applies advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze face images in mobile applications, and even in the identification of the emotions they convey . With the FacioMetrics software you can know if the user is sad or happy when taking a photograph and analyzing the different parameters of the human face.

FacioMetrics was created within Carnegie Mellon University, and developed artificial vision and machine learning algorithms capable of detecting seven different emotions on people's faces through their photos.

With these two acquisitions, and FacioMetrics, and some more like Masquerade, Facebook develops DeepFace, a facial recognition system combined with deep learning or deep learning. With DeepFace, which uses a 9-layer neural network and 120 million connections, Facebook is able to identify human faces in digital images. The system has 97% accuracy, compared to 85% of the image recognition system used by the FBI.

DeepFace not only connects a person's face with their name, but can literally find a needle in a haystack and find a face in an image that contains thousands of different faces. According to experts, the human brain is only 28 percent more accurate than the facial recognition program developed by Facebook from the companies it acquired.

Facebook is far from being the only company that has ventured to recognize its users with facial recognition. So do Apple, Google, Samsung. Microsoft or Huawei, for example. And what you have to ask yourself is what is the true purpose of requiring users to accept and authorize the recognition of their faces.

Facebook has already faced resistance to DeepFace. In Europe it was forbidden, but since mid-April users of the Social Network are asked if they want to authorize facial recognition when they open their feed. And from here arise the questions of the users, when the scandal of Cambridge Analytica is still very recent that has taken Zuckerberg to the United States Congress to give explanations about the cession of data of millions of clients to third companies.

Where are the data of the faces recognized by DeepFace stored? Who can access them? What does Facebook do with its clients' images? Does facial recognition work only when Facebook is open or also when other applications are open? Could facial recognition be used to identify someone who participates in a legal protest? Surely Facebook is able to answer them and reassure their customers, if they are not.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

What is cherophobia?

The querophobia is the irrational fear of being happy. The term comes from the Greek word "chero", which means "to rejoice".

When a person experiences cherophobia, they are often afraid to participate in activities that many would describe as fun or that give a sense of happiness. The truth is that it has not yet been investigated or clearly defined, as this disorder is not yet contemplated in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) to diagnose mental health conditions.

What are the symptoms of cherophobia?

Some experts classify the querophobia as a form of anxiety disorder. In this case, anxiety is related to participation in activities that make us happy.

Is a person with cherophobia always sad? No way. Only avoid activities that can lead to happiness or joy, for example a party, a concert or a meal of friends. The person with kerophobia rejects all those opportunities that could lead to positive changes in life due to the fear that something bad will happen. If someone sounds funny, he will get away from it.

Some of the key thoughts that a person with cherophobia may have include:

- Being happy will mean that something bad will happen to me (something good is followed by something bad)
- Happiness makes you a bad person or a worse person.
- Showing that you are happy is bad for you or your friends and family.
- Trying to be happy is a waste of time and effort.

What are the causes of cherophobia?

Sometimes, the querophobia may be due to the belief that if something very good happens to a person, or if their life is going well, it is also meant for something bad / bad to happen next. As a result, they may fear activities related to happiness because they believe that they can prevent something bad from happening. This is usually the case when someone has experienced a traumatic physical or emotional event in the past.

An introvert may also be more likely to experience this phobia, preferring activities alone or at most with two people at a time. They may feel intimidated or uncomfortable in group settings, noisy places and crowded spaces.

Perfectionists can also be associated with cherophobia. Those who are perfectionists may feel that happiness is a trait only of lazy or unproductive people. As a result, they avoid all that activity associated with happiness.

What are the treatments for cherophobia?

Because querophobia has not been extensively detailed or studied as a separate disorder, there are no FDA-approved medications or other definitive treatments to treat the condition. However, some suggested treatments include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), relaxation strategies, such as deep breathing, daily or exercise, or exposure to events that cause happiness as a means to help a person identify that happiness does not have why have adverse effects in our life.

Sunday, June 17, 2018


I woke up early with a little headache, perhaps caused by the penetrating smell of chocolate tobacco from his pipe.
I almost felt that deep voice that came out from under his mustache as if he were here, on the other side of the door.
When I opened my eyes I was in the wrong place, there was not a library that covered the walls of my bedroom from floor to ceiling, and my brother did not sleep in the next bed.
There were no polished parquet floors, just the cold tiles of my house, and from the window you could not see the sea in the distance.

But even so I almost thought I saw those green armchairs in the living room, and the terrace with my mother's plants, between the half-closed Venetian curtains, the dining table and on the wall that picture where there were some tables on the street of a maybe nocturnal Paris.

There was not my old lady's dresser, with the mirror, the Spanish dancers, the wooden chinitos and the Russian doll, nor my toy barrel, nor the drawing of the runner's horses.

The Zippo, the tobacco packages, the cigarettes and the pipes that I liked so much were not there
My old man was not in one of those green armchairs, with gray hair and a black mustache listening to Italian music on the turntable that rested on the sideboard, to the right of the phone and the two wooden herons. I was not there, although I woke up thinking yes.
But no, it was not today either ...