Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Ford Funeral: Some Notes

Some Take Away notes from the Gerald Ford Funeral.

George W. Bush reminded us that Ford took the Oath on the Christian Bible. Is this a reference to this Goode, Koran, BS in the papers now?

George H. W. Bush made comments about Chevy Chase's impression of Ford. Bush Senior reminded the crowd that we are all Children of God and Dana Carvey has a pretty good impression of him as well. So no hard feelings.

Andrea Mitchell reminds us that she is married to Greenspan, who is a pallbearer. In addition she praises Ford for his spirituality which he refused to wear on his sleeve or use for political gain.

We are reminded that Ford resent losing to Carter by such a slim margin, but didn't hold it against Carter for too log. He was said to always begrudge Ronald Reagan for not campaigning enthusiastically in 1976. Whereas Ford in 1980 did campaign his tail off for Reagan, despite the quick switchero of VP candidates Ford for Bush senior.

Brokaw spoke and talked about the refreshing change from an adversarial tone between the white House and the press corps. He also spoke about Ford being a member of the greatest generation.

I switched over to Fox News from MSNBC after a bit for a change in the tone. Listening to Brit Hume and his political tone. I would say that this was a shift to a political funeral then MSNBC's focus on the man. Hume spends a lot of time talking about how conservative Ford was, and reminds us that Dick Cheney was his Chief of Staff. For Foxnews the funeral was spent more praising conservatism, for MSNBC was more about the man, his life, and relation to current events.

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