Thursday, October 4, 2018

Facebook corporate

For most companies, it is no longer just a "good idea" to be on Facebook. If we take into account that 1.65 billion people actively use Facebook monthly, this social network has become a favorite component for almost all inbound marketing strategies.

The fact is that as Facebook's features change more and more, the same goes for the process of creating a page.

Do not waste another day exploring Facebook without any purpose, trying to find out what the hell you have to do to start your Facebook page as a social media professional.

The following presentation offers a visual tutorial that will help you start your page in a very short time. More than 600,000 people consider that this tutorial has been useful; therefore, we hope that it will help you or that it will also be useful for a marketing professional you know.

Why create a corporate page on Facebook

The corporate pages of Facebook are designed and designed to express what your brand wants to communicate to the world, as well as to receive feedback from users.

Depending on the purpose of our business, it will be very important to choose one of the six typologies that Facebook offers, or another, because each of them has different functions. These are:

  1. Local place or business
  2. Brand or product
  3. Company, organization, institution
  4. Artist, group or public figure
  5. Cause or community
  6. Entertainment

The corporate pages or 'fanpages' will let us share photos, news, videos, notes, links, respond to the comments generated, create specific applications such as sweepstakes or promotions and also measure the activity in real time that is being generated from our contents .

Why should my brand be on Facebook?

There are many reasons why your business should be on Facebook (immediacy, minimum cost ...). Let's detail something of them:

  • Create brand: Know you, but not only your circles, but your target audience. You will achieve this through Facebook Ads, with an advertising investment. In addition Facebook positions very well in search engines and we will get part of the public to reach us in this way.
  • Link: We want to talk with our audience, know their needs, their tastes. For that Facebook is the best tool. Create a link with the user different from that of the corporate website.
  • Share: Facebook allows virality, word of mouth. The more you like your content, the more it will be shared and seen by more people. We can also promote the publications and choose the public we want to contact.
  • Sell: Little by little, Facebook is integrating its ecommerce part better. Applications are being developed to use on Facebook and to use it as a sales platform.
  • Other platforms: Facebook allows us to integrate other social platforms and make the publishable content more attractive.
  • Analysis: Thanks to Facebook statistics we can check the scope of our publications (whether promoted or not) and also know the demographic profile of our followers to develop more appropriate content.

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