Saturday, March 25, 2006

Do You Google Your Own Name?

Am I the only one? Sometimes when I’m looking’ to polish my balls and see just how cool I am, I Google my name. Unfortunately when you Google my name you’re gonna come back with sports stars and other famous folks with my very common name. So when I read recently that employers Google their employees names to see if they’ve been blogging maliciously, I knew I was still free.

This is not the case with many people who have uncommon names. In this case I sometimes feed their names into my blog somewhere so they can find me and make contact if they want after sometime. So if you got here because you Google searched your name only to find it associated with something evil. Fear not, it’s me your old pal DAV.

Drop me a line and we’ll catch up.

I guess that deserves some explanation as to why I chose the blog name Evil Bobby….In College I was the epitome of Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde. Most of the time I was very studious, I even won a few awards for undergraduate research in Organic Chemistry, and even volunteered with a few not for profits.

When I was drunk though it was another story. I was cruel. I could say and do the most god awful things, then wake up in the morning wondering how I could have let myself do these things. Sometimes the morning was like a nightmare, only to realize that it was no bad dream, but something I needed to make amends for. My friend Julie dubbed me Evil Dave when I was drunk. Many bridges were burned in friendships I never intended to lose….

Though I don’t drink much, if ever anymore, I chose the name evil bobby to represent the off the cuff, remorseless nature that a blog on politics may be (Like a mean drunk). Bobby in Russian (Yes I’m a Russian speaker) literally means many bobs. I originally intended either my wife or a sister to write with me here, but they have their own stuff going on.

So yeah there it is…

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